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Auction House: operating mode

Voluntary sales companies commonly referred to as SVVs or public auctions allow the sale or purchase of second-hand goods at the best price while benefiting from advantageous guarantees.

It often reigns a particular and friendly atmosphere specific to auctions: the collector rubs the merchant who himself alongside the billionaire or the individual wishing to buy the vehicle of his dreams at the best price.

Calling on a sales room to buy or sell a used car seduces more and more individuals and professionals passionate about the automobile and looking for bargains.

You are told everything about the peculiarities of the auction rooms in a few points.

Buy live, compete with professionals, it is necessarily the opportunity to make a good deal!


Who can sell his used car in the auction room?

Anyone can buy in a sales room, on one condition: do not be prohibited by law (banking prohibition) and not be a minor.

In practice, 95% of car salesmen in the auction room are approved and recognized institutions such as local authorities, local authorities, La Poste, EDF, builders, lessors, lessors, banks, finance companies ….